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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Lifestyle | Cute Nutrition Shakes Review

Cute Nutrition

I decided to have a go with these shakes, as one of my goals for this year was to stay healthy and to exercise. I have realised I've fallen off the band waggon a fair few times this year, but that's because of the lack of motivation and when I've had the cravings for junk food and let myself go too far. I normally have pretty good will power and say no to my cravings, but I rarely give into them now I'm on these Cute Nutrition Meal Replacement Shakes. Just a little disclaimer though, I have not been sent these products to try, I bought them myself on the basis of wanting to get healthier and also the fact I am trying to figure out my diet, as if I cut out all sugary and fatty foods completely, I don't have enough energy. So I am trying to find a balance between what I eat lately. I have also realised, certain foods can make me feel a certain way. Some foods can make my moods change, and others can make me extremely ill. So I'm currently on a journey to figure out my journey on what foods are best for my particular body and system.

Cute Nutrition
Cute Nutrition 
Cute Nutrition 
Cute Nutrition

I usually have them for breakfast, or with breakfast, depending on my schedule for that particular day, and if I don't finish it, I'll gradually drink it throughout the day and usually finish it at lunch. I'm not aiming to lose weight, just help me to tone up, get rid of body fat and get all the vitamins I need in my body, especially Iron, as I've always been low in that as I don't eat foods like eggs, red meat etc. that contain Iron in very often as I'm not overly keen on these sort of foods, particularly eggs, unless I have a certain person make an omelet or a boiled egg with toast -  which I'll only eat the yolk part with added salt, just so I get some iron in my system.

I've chosen to use 1 and a half scoops of the powder in my shaker with full fat milk, but sometimes skimmed milk, depending on what's in the fridge where ever I am (family, friends, or boyfriends house etc.) as like I said, I'm not aiming to lose weight. The advised amount the brand suggests, is 3 scoops with skimmed milk if you were using it as a meal replacement shake. Recently I've cut it down to 1 scoop though as I've been ill with gastroenteritis as well as panic attacks occurring more often. So I lost my appetite quite often and rarely ate anything, plus I stopped drinking the shakes for a good few weeks. So only the last few weeks/months I've slowly been gaining my energy and appetite back to how I used to be.

Cute Nutrition

Moving onto the overall taste of the shake, at first I wasn't so sure on it, because the taste wasn't that strong, as I could mainly taste the graininess of the powder mix, but I may not of mixed it properly. After trying it a second time, I slowly got used to the flavour and started to like it, except tasting a bit of the powder mix every now and again. I think warm milk might help to break down the powder a bit better though, or adding a slight bit of boiled water to the powder before adding the milk maybe?

Cute Nutrition 
Cute Nutrition

Due to the time of me being ill, I've lost my routine of having shakes. I bought the Summer Bundle that included the shaker, 500g of the meal replacement shake and two tablet pots, which I haven't even attempted to try yet, as if I'm honest, I'm not always good at taking tablets...but I wanted to have a go, but I just haven't yet.
Overall, I'm quite impressed at the results so far, considering how I'm not even using it properly. If I was to use it everyday with 3 scoops, skimmed milk, ate well and went to the gym and worked out properly, I'm pretty sure the results would be insanely awesome!

P.S. I am actually convinced I'm wearing these leggings the wrong way round hahaa! I love the fit but I swear I'm wearing them backward, as I wore them with the stripes at the back and it wasn't baggy at the front hahaa! I love this little cropped pink hoodie though! I've worn it with casual outfits as well as with outfits!

Would you try out Cute Nutrition Shakes?

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