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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Beauty | Irresistible Me Hair Extenstions

Irresistible Me Hair Extenstions

Hair extensions...Never did I ever think I would try these bad boys out, until Irresistible Me came into the lime light! I have always wanted to try out extensions. Even if my hair is extremely long, I still wanted to make it even longer and thicker than what it was.

Blonde Hair Extentions
Irresistible Me Hair Extenstions

These gorgeous, Silky Touch extensions blend into my hair so well! With my darker under tones especially! I couldn't believe how much they actually felt like my own hair, this is because every time I have felt extensions or wigs, they feel as dry and horrible like straw, but no, THESE feel like my own actual hair. The hair within the extensions feel so healthy. I best look after these well! The shade I went for was Silky Honey Blonde, which I wasn't too sure about at first, as I thought they might have been too light for my hair, but boy was I wrong! They blend well into my hair and they look so real!

Blonde Hair Extentions
Irresistible Me Hair ExtenstionsIrresistible Me Hair Extenstions

As you can see from these portrait photos of me wearing my extensions on different occasions, you can see how they work so well with my own hair colour and give my hair extra thickness and length. The length and weight of these particular ones that I went for was the 24" at 200g! They definitely are heavy when in your hair and clipped to your head for a long period of time wearing them. For my hair to blend properly with these extensions and for my natural ends not be seen, they would look best placed to the side of my head when curly or even plaited. I am so excited to try all these new hairstyles out with these beauties in! Expect some pictures over on my Instagram featuring these babies in loads of different hairstyles!

Blonde Hair ExtentionsIrresistible Me Hair Extenstions

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how fabulous and quirky the design of the packaging is!? Like seriously! If you watched me unbox these over on my Snapchat (isobelceline), you would of seen me literally rave about how cute I found it! I love it when brands add a little difference to their packaging, it draws me in so much more to the product when they do this!

Blonde Hair Extentions

Overall, I am so pleased with these remy hair extensions clip ins (extensions), and I'm shocked at how good the quality of these are! You all should know by now that I always give my 100% opinion when it comes to reviews, but I literally cannot fault them at all! From the quality, the packaging, everything! I absolutely adore them and could not be happier with them! If your interested in what else Irresistible Me sell, check out their site here! They range from different types of hair extensions, wigs, styling tools and loads more! Seriously girls, check this site out! Especially if you want to invest in a good quality set of extensions!

Would you ever wear extensions? What's your opinion on them? What's your best tips for taking care of your extensions?

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  2. It looks like your real hair! Wow! beautiful!

  3. They look so nice :)

  4. Those extensions look lovely on you.

  5. beautiful blog!!!

  6. If I didn't know that you were wearing hair extensions in those pictures, I honestly wouldn't be able to tell! The first thing I thought when I saw those pictures was how pretty you are!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Aw! Thank you so much lovely! That's so sweet of you to say! <3

  7. Amazing photos!

  8. These extensions look amazing on you! I need to try a new set of extensions soon :) Maybe I'll look on Irresistible Me's website! :)

    Cat | What Cat Says


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