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Wednesday, 10 June 2015


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UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
*Happiness Hoodie - | Basic Tee & Sunnies - Primark | Necklaces - Love Luna | Jeans - H&M | Roshe Runs - Nike

Happiness...what does it really mean? Have you ever thought what makes you truly happy? Is it money, having everything you've ever want? Having that one furry best friend who is loyal towards you throughout their whole life? Family and friends being supportive towards you in everything you do? Or is it that one person you truly love that you don't ever want to let go? Or is it having inner peace within yourself? Happiness is whatever you want it to be, whether it's having those designer shoes you've always wanted or having the best day out with your favourite people. You don't try to be happy, you choose to be happy.

When I was asked to do a collaboration with , I found this hoodie and thought, this is just perfect. The perfect excuse to have a relaxed casually lazy kind of look for once on the blog. When it comes to my outfits lately, I've slightly slowed down with fashion as I feel I need a break from time to time with fashion. As much as I love fashion, my brain can go into overdrive always thinking of outfit ideas and what to style next and planning etc. It can all get too much. So this collaboration was perfect. A relaxed dressed down sporty look for those lazy days of catching up on everything or just going on a little walk around your local area. Comfy trainers, cosy hoodie and simple accessories for that slight hint of glam that I feel is always missing in a relaxed look - accessories. Accessories are always my go to when I want to slightly dress any outfit up. I have a thing for necklaces lately instead of chokers. They feel more summer where as chokers, in my opinion are more for winter. Especially during those hot summer days, I wouldn't want to wear a tattoo choker as knowing me I'd get a tan line shaped like the choker hahaa.

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